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Train  Cast  History  Meat  Yummy  Lush  Pin  Versed  False


I stood on that platform

Free but burdened,

Thought about things

Once forbidden;


And I wasn’t as nervous

As you’d probably think

I should have been.


I boarded the train,

Cast a look about me

Aware that I was

Making history here –

But not really present.


I could smell meat,

Someone’s yummy lunch in a bag;

Prompting me to wonder

What I’d have for mine.


Some lush was starting early:

Drinking on a weekday

From a tall McDonald’s cup.


This was so different

From when I’d pulled the pin

And watched the fallout;

Because, this far down the track,

I kind of realised

That no matter how well-versed our greeting

All interaction would be false.


As, later, we sat on wobbly chairs –

Sucking rubbish hot beverages

Through thin plastic lids –

I wondered why I kept smiling;

Why I let her talk to him like that,

Why I hugged them…?


Why I’d needed


                                      at all?


My subconscious is back, making me examine things I didn’t think I wanted to today.

I remember that Pink’s Great Escape came on my Spotify playlist shuffle as the train doors shut behind me, too.  I could attribute that to many people I miss, cosmic synchronicity or some other grand force – suffice it to say that it made me smile. 

I have always had that small assured voice in my head, and a feisty part in my heart that has saved me so far. 

She gets really bored with the amount of times I cry, eventually boots me up the a**e, and takes over for a while.

She gets me a haircut and colour, pens my poetry without me, demands a dancefloor, and also tampers with my playlist quite a lot 😉


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