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Less than a week ago, I was writing about the devastating effects of fire; and today I was watching horrific scenes of the rampant destruction in Portugal that has been an unfolding story since the weekend. 

I can’t believe how many awful reports are in the news this month, or the number of people who have died in sickening circumstances!

None of us really appreciate how fleeting this life is, do we – or how our obsession with position and possessions is all very pointless…?





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My nose, full – the smell

Of imaginary smoke

Taunting me from images

I can’t expel.


It’s hard to move past

Searing realisation:

That nature is formidable,

Not some nurturing umbrella.


Fire works outwith

Our human calculation

(We are mere scared animals, all;

Irrespective of housing or career)


And again, I turn to poetry

To look a monster in the face,

Herd stampeding thoughts

Into some cohesive whole;


Whilst elsewhere humans

Pick through precious ashes –

Dignity charred

But outrage well fuelled.


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