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Hello 🙂


Ah, Monkey Mind! I’ve been expecting you… *strokes her pen*

I work on something that takes effort and is a little out of my comfort zone, wander about the house thinking of other things (there are many things to think around when your house is as messy as mine) then a poem comes knocking at my brain. 

**Out of pillows to hold (and not, unfortunately, being in bed) I don’t sit up and scream out the words I’ve read, but write them down. 

It is not a love poem, either:


Hiding in holistic hideousness

Hectares from happy;

Huffing into handy habits

Health-haltingly hard:hemlock in winter




Here lies a human Hemlock

Harbouring hatred,

But hoping for hugs.




**Random Partridge Family song reference.


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