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So! I wandered off for a few months again, it would seem!

But I come back to this blog in March 2020 with a rather different world outside my safe little home, a situation that we didn’t know was brewing back in November 2019.

I hope that wherever you are reading this, you and yours are safe and well, and your family has not been hit too devastatingly with this illness sweeping the globe.  I send virtual hugs to everybody, and have nothing but admiration for those of you still out working in key positions, keeping your fellow humans as fed, protected and medically cared for as you possibly can <3 thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone out risking their own wellbeing to serve others. You truly are angels.

We at the Comfy Restless residence are living up to the name nicely here in Scotland after our first week of lockdown 😉 We are incredibly fortunate in that hubby can easily work from home and I am the chief kid wrangler anyway. Of course it is harder keeping ‘home harmony’ when it kinda feels like a holiday and yet the kids are meant to still be looking at schoolwork – and when there are tight restrictions on how we conduct ourselves outside – but our income is secure, we live in a fab community that cares about us, and none of our household are considered to be in a high-risk category for any symptoms we get turning nasty on us. We know far too many families can’t say the same, and we really hate that.

So: if you’re struggling or grieving, overwhelmed – or anything in between – my heart goes out to you. Feel free to send me a comment, or PM my Facebook page, if you need an ear. I have an energetic 7 and 9 year old here charging about giving me cheek and attitude, so feel free to share any parenting woes, too! 😉

I will be participating in NaPoWriMo again this April, and posting my daily ditties around the chaos of the kids being at home for the foreseeable. I don’t know what frivolous topics may be cast up in my poetry, but please believe that I am watching the news with horror as the global death toll goes up, I am hoping for a swift vaccine and I can’t get over how selfless our medical professionals are for being brave enough to endure the swathes of critically ill people and fight the infection, even when they may succumb themselves.

I am hoping to concentrate on brighter things here in the main, however.   I think we may all need it?

So, starting tomorrow, I will write a poem a day for a month, using the prompts from the NaPoWriMo site. I will also aim to actually post my endeavours on the correct day – kids permitting 😉

Catch you in my next post! Take care and please stay safe.


Monty xxx


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