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I have been tapping around on Goodreads today (I have an account under ‘ComfyRestless’ now) and reminiscing about all the wonderful books that I used to make time for.  I do really want to get back into regularly reading again.  Stephen King says that you need to read to write, so I have permission…

It has been dawning on me that I do most of my reading online these days, around whatever I am doing with the children.  I of course read from proper books with the kids, but I rarely find myself sitting to devour chapters by myself, or even flick through a magazine for long, these days.

As the kids are on holiday, I am going to try and attack all the areas of life that have slipped a bit since I started this blog.  I need to streamline things so that everything fits in better:  the kids are still clothed and fed and cuddled enough, I get the blog posts out on time, the house doesn’t fall into a dusty oblivion, I have chances to read…and spend more time with my hubby.  Y’know, that man I chose to spend my life with…?


Restaurant  Heat  Buttocks  Palace  Application  Stunning  Guess  Regard  Crossing


We were in a restaurant

Generating heat;

Our buttocks perched

On chairs with a view of the palace.


I had studied my lipstick application

In an effort to look stunning.


I still try to guess

If he holds me in high regard

As his hand starts crossing the table

To conjoin with mine.


Purple poem

It is a funny thing that hubby and I DO actually spend more time together now than we did when we lived in different cities, but sometimes it feels like we see each other less.  When you go on a date you are sitting opposite the other person, talking about their life because you want to learn more.  You are obsessed with the other person and they are equally potty about, and interested in, you. 

When you have been together for a while, and there are a million kid distractions etc, it is not like that.  You get busy, you get narky and you have so little time to fit ‘you’ into the end of the day that you agree to companionly sit watching world events; or tap on separate machines instead of looking into the other person’s eyes.

Do you ever feel like that?  Really miss those days where the pair of you were the most important things in each other’s universe?  I know that we have grown and our relationship is multi-faceted now, but oh to be able to have our dating days back!  That freedom to roam our shared universe, which we didn’t fully appreciate at the time!  That would be awesome 😉


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