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The only word I looked up for my poem this evening was ‘honeydew’.  I couldn’t think of how to tie in melons (!) and, as it turned out, the bit in the link about ants helped me write a wee line or two 😉

Hope you like it:


Debate  Farm  Gutter  Solid  Bauble  Honeydew  Adjustable  Heartsick  Logical


It wasn’t up for debate,

But somehow the farm land –

All that glorious nature and air –

Dragged my self esteem from the gutter;

And provided a solid foundation

For seeing the sky’s shiny bauble

As a hopeful beacon.


I was tired of the fight:

Defending my honeydew sources

As a one-woman army

(Wishing I had six limbs)

I am, by nature, adjustable;

But sometimes I become heartsick

Of being told my views are seldom logical.


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