Heart’s In It – #inktober2019 – Day 14

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Hey there 🙂

Today was a special day, because it marked a year since I made the decision to become properly interested in portraiture, and indeed began to think seriously about creating any drawings that I would be happy for other people to see (and possibly own).  I drew a face that looked a bit like Cher (!), and then I was off on a little adventure. One that sees me painting and drawing every day now 🙂

The Inktober prompt for today was “overgrown” and I intended to sketch out a tower with a nice turret-style roof and vines snaking up the side of it.  So, I sat down in front of another episode of Monk on Prime…and suddenly decided that I didn’t want to do something in pencil and ink it over. 

I took out my ‘XS’ PITT pen and began to draw a heart.  Then I put vines around the heart and added some barbed wire – all while still enjoying Monk

[The words “binding with briars my joys and desires” kept running through my head, which is silly because William Blake is significant in The Mentalist, and I finished watching all the seasons of that weeks ago…]

Next, I went onto Pixabay and looked up pictures of ivy, then incorporated some leaves of that into my piece.  I made the vines and heart bolder with the small chisel tipped PITT pen, and added a bit of detail to the vines’ wrappings on the heart with the XS pen.

Lastly, I looked up some Pixabay photos of roses, and made some peek out at the top and side.

I am relieved it turned out ok because, as I mentioned the other day, we have no working correction fluid in the house!

I opted out of colouring this in as it is inktober and I hadn’t used any other medium yet on the piece. I did doodle with my paint in my watercolour pad, however, which resulted in this weird pic of a disembodied hand holding a glass in front of a woman whose lipstick matches the nail polish?! Funny how things turn out…

So I think I’ll scoot off now, and meet you back here for Day 15. Remember to drop me a link in the comments if you are Inktober-ing, too!


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