He Calls Me…

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Today’s words (from Textfixer) unleashed a fed up and feisty female speaker.  Woe betide ‘him’ if he messes with her much longer 😉


Egocentric  Compulsive  Fragment  Decoder  Think  Parasite  Gunrunner  Teen  Village


He calls me egocentric and compulsive,

When in truth I repetitively do things

Because others need me to.


He says I analyse each fragment of his conversation

Looking to trap him;

Become a random decoder

Reading things he never meant

Into his words…


But who taught me to think that way?!

Who showed me

That what is declared

Sheds little light

On what occurred?


I’m not some parasite:

Sucking his life-force,

Plotting his downfall,

Stockpiling ammo

In my gunrunner’s lair!




I am not huffing like some teen

Grounded for ten misdemeanours

On his way home from school…!


I participate in my village,

I can be relied upon to contribute;

I don’t scurry out of sight

When my curtain is pulled back…



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