Have Been Haibunned (#NaPoWriMo Day 12)

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Hey 🙂

Today I was supposed to write a Haibun that ‘takes in the natural landscape of the place you live’.  I’m not sure I fulfilled that, but I did find this PDF about the Haibun form; and then go on to attempt a poem that talks loosely about what my kids got up to outside my house after dinner 😉


“Catch me! Chase me! C’mon stupid, go faster!”

“I’m not stupid!  The wind is blowing me backwards!  That leaf almost got in my eye…!”

The endless keeping up that little legs have to do.  Even on scooters in the street, big brother’s taunt is always just out of reach.

The air “smells of eggs” (from the waste treatment plant down the road).  Youngest wondered what kind of tree liked eating waste…

some boys on their scooters

‘Stupidity’ masks

Fearless lunges we should cheer;

Conformity sucks.


Just around the corner is an expanse of trees, a place Eldest got fascinated with a few summers ago.  But he has become resigned to the fact Youngest would protest if asked to go. 

The infinity symbols they trace on the tarmac with their wheels seem to hypnotise them.  Their cheeks flush with momentum as the wind picks up again.


Wending towards rest

A father sees his children

Lost in home pursuits.



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