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I have not had much time today to sit and watch the news, but the reports that I have seen have had me oscillating between  scratching  my head, and burying it in my hands! 

It is a changing situation, so my link is also evolving throughout the day, but when I wrote the below it was still unclear how everyone was going to be affected, but that Trump’s Muslim Ban was pretty far-reaching and rolled out very fast. 

Also, it was put in place on Holocaust Memorial Day, which is particularly chilling.


Filter   Blame   Paragraph   Huge   Integrated   Ambiguous   Expenditure   Notebook   Claim

I tried to filter through the news reports

(About her not doling out blame)

Without getting madder at each paragraph

Or feeling huge amounts of shame.


A person we thought integrated

Became ambiguous overnight?

Because some idiot signed papers?!

Surely, May, this isn’t right?


Why’s he focussing expenditure

Of energy, time (and gall)

On a raft of strong behaviour

That won’t keep the peace at all?


As I scribble in this notebook, just

Here helpless, in the main

Should you, May, not counter his acts;

Be as decisive as you claim?


Are you not running a country that’s

Appalled by his attitudes?

I think some harsh truths need pointing out,

Even if you think it rude…


Political pen.

The above does not scan anywhere near perfectly, but the poem begged to be written, I felt.

I listened to Theresa May’s speech when she was in America on Thursday, and thought that it had some real master strokes in it.  I was smiling at the repeated references to Thatcher and Regan working together, as it (of course) highlighted how the only other female PM we have had in Britain was a strong person who got things done; and Trump is not exactly big on seeing women as equals. 

I noticed there were references to Churchill in there too, a bust of whom Trump has reinstated in the Whitehouse, so he obviously reveres.  I knew it was all geared towards us having a big ally as we leave the EU etc, but it was said well.

I know that May’s in a tough position now as she still wants to trade with America, and I do believe that she is cautious and wanted all the facts in front of her before condemning Trump’s actions, but she has not done well here. 

The soundbite she gave to the press along the lines of America being free to make up its own rules was very misjudged, and her scrambling to play catch up now (which she didn’t have much of a choice in, because this whole mess moved so fast) has lost her a lot of respect.

What now for our forlorn little country and for the many, many people in turmoil in the wake of Trump’s paper-signing?  It seems at the moment that we are waking up to a new, crazier, policy every day. 

What are your thoughts?   

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