Hanging Out On The Sand – #Inktober2019 – Day 28

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Hey there 🙂

It’s Inktober’s 28th day already! 

The prompt was “ride” and I thought about a rollercoaster, and then I thought maybe I would challenge myself to draw a motorbike or a fancy car…but a look at Pixabay for inspiration made me want to draw a hot air balloon in the end.  I was so taken by the idea that I just grabbed the ‘F’ PITT pen and got straight into it 🙂


I struggle with my perspective drawing, but I am working on that; I do think the basket angles are just about there, and the person could fit into it (of course at the current moment they are very stretched out!)

I used watercolour for the sky, balloon spots, basket and fire, but went with pencil for the balloon background colour and the person as they would have been tricky to paint without messing it all up. All in all, it was about an hour’s work (divided up by me eating some supper, recording my ‘wins’ for the day and some “woohoo the kids are sleeping” internet pottering) so a relatively quick piece to do, though I managed to procrastinate on getting it started for a whole day 😉

Did you draw anything today?  As always, pop a wee link to your work in the comments and I’ll come and admire your creation(s)!

Only 3 prompts of Inktober 2019 left! Wow!

I’m getting so used to outlining things now that I absentmindedly started going round the edges of the paint strokes on the sheet I’ve been testing colours on.

I now fancy I see order in the randomness… 😉


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