Habit Pattern – #Inktober2019 – Day 10

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Hi 🙂

The prompt was “pattern” for Day 10 of Inktober.

Being a crocheter and sometimes-knitter, this made me smile.  However, I went the route of drawing a pleasing kinda-matchy patch of flowers and leaves, instead.  I used one of the chiselled Pitt pens and then painted what I drew (no pencil involved this time)

It pleases me, but it is not that inspired.  It did make me go flicking through by ‘back catalogue’ of other times that I have just created something to occupy the page (so I could fulfil my drawing and painting promise to myself)

This pic is from March, when I was experimenting with what salt does to paint:

I don’t know if you see anything, but I think I could get a pretty convincing dragon shape outlined in there if I wanted to?

Then there are the big flower shapes that I drew in April.  I could almost live with this as feature wall paper:

And lastly, from late April into May this year, I doodled this mass of leaves.  I messed about with trying to make some of them look a little unhealthy or overwatered, and some just vibrant, etc. over quite a few evenings.

Watercolour is a tricky medium because it is not easy to keep the colour consistent and I get annoyed by paper getting too wet in places and curling up, or a mixed shade running out on me before I get to the end of the piece I had in mind. 

Looking back over my practise doodles, however, it brings me joy because I remember that I came to the page to work little by little at getting down what was in my head, or to chip away at how I can make lines and colour bend to my will.  It has been a very enjoyable journey so far, and I’m sure that will continue for years to come 😉

See you soon for Day 11!

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