Grey Lady – #inktober2019 – Day 9

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Hey there 🙂

Day 9 of Inktober, and the prompt was “swing”.

I thought about a tree (cos I like drawing and taking pictures of them) and also flouncy 50s-style skirts (cos they remind me of pictures of my Nana in her hey day, and have a ‘swing’ connection).

So I went crazy and combined the two:

I’m not even sure if the whole shadow concept works, I know some bits have probably been made too dark, and others too light, etc etc…but I like it.  It’s pretty much the image I had in my head *shrugs*

In other news: I met a friend for lunch today and we both remarked that my dessert looked like a face.  Can you see it? Like the plate is stressed about what that spoon is about to do?!

It tasted good, anyway 😀

And on to Day 10 we go…

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