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Hi there 🙂

Eldest was very pleased with his rabbit from the toothfairy, as detailed here, and the boys’ chat and subsequent friendly breakfast was a nice way to start our morning.  They did seem genuinely confused that there was no Irn Bru inside Rab, however…

Hubby went into the office today, so the boys and I walked down to school together, Youngest between me and his brother.  Eldest hands in his homework book on a Monday, so he soon relinquished his extra-heavy bag and let me carry it, which was a challenge as I already had my trusty loaded rucksack to contend with!  I ended up carrying the four year old and his bag for the last few metres, too, so I got a bit of a workout before breakfast!  He did go and chat to a sister of his friend, however.  He had energy for socialising 😉

I wandered back, once I had successfully mothered the boys into their day, listening to ‘Seether Radio’ on Spotify.  I met a neighbour near home, and we ended up standing in the drizzle chatting outside my house for a good half hour, because we both had a lot to do and didn’t have time for coffee…of course!

Youngest was in his new dungarees for the first time today, and it was not until the last minute that I had realised that although I had thought I was ordering the same as Eldest’s online, Youngest’s were not lined with fleece.  I checked this before going to nursery pick up, and realised that sure enough: the listing had been changed since I’d bought Eldest’s.  Sneaky! 

Youngest had, meanwhile, been trying them out for me in the nursery garden! I am pleased to report they did well 😉 After his energetic morning, he asked to go in the buggy before we even got near the traffic lights.  It took about two seconds for him to fall asleep, as I had tilted the seat.  He settled in and told me: “Aaaah dis is much comfier, mummy! Keep it like dis all da time!” just before closing his eyes, heehee.

I met a nice lady who had recently lost her husband as I got near our street.  I had been admiring the plantlife around me as she had approached (it had stopped drizzling), and we had a wandering conversation about Eldest’s class topic, her teaching days, and how her husband had known the names of trees and flowers better than she did.  It is lovely to have moments in my day when the kids are cared for and I can just connect with people I see out and about.  Although her loss was still raw (I gave her a big hug) it was a lovely, positive chat; with birdsong and blooms all around us.  Pretty life-affirming!

Youngest was not best pleased with being woken from his nap.  It took a lot of cajoling for him to get changed out of his muddy clothes, and cleaned up for lunch.  He finally did cooperate and changed himself, then showed me his studied technique for brushing his nails – he gets them cleaner than I can!

Youngest elected to stay awake indefinitely after lunch, and was messing about in the buggy all the way down the road, but also stroking my hands and telling me he loved me, so I forgave him!  I chatted to some mum pals and Eldest’s teacher for a bit while Eldest was on the Trim Trail in the playground, then we were homeward bound.

Youngest begged out of the buggy on the last half of the journey, and he and Eldest ran ahead frolicking around another mum we see walking home sometimes with her kids.  Luckily she was not upset by this, and I was able to keep them at least part way civil…

The boys went on the tablet and I got dinner organised (pasta and cheese, fancy fare…) and once hubby came home, I got a few things ready for the evening. Hubby was hoping to attend a meeting of our  community council, and leaving me to do bathtime solo (!) I hung a washing on our indoor lines, sorted school and nursery clothes for tomorrow, and made sure there were PJs available for the boys to change into. Our boys usually get ‘Daddy Time’ after dinner, tidy up and homework are out of the way; but today I just asked them to tidy the playroom as usual and let them have 20 minutes’ wind down with Hubby. One night without the usual reading and maths consolidation won’t jeopardise Eldest’s education 😉

The boys were not happy that I was doing bathtime and they would not be spending it with Daddy, but the meeting was about proposals for a substantial number of houses to be built in our village, that has implications for our school community and road safety.  We thought it best that Hubby went along to check it out.

I bathed Youngest while Eldest played, then visa versa (Youngest had made the choice for us by stripping everything off and running about shrieking…) then it was supper and a chapter of the tenth Famous Five instalment.  I was very impressed by the boys’ washing and toothbrushing skills again.  They are getting so independent!

The boys fell asleep pretty quickly, almost before I had even left the room!  I feel a bit bad now, because I had rushed their chapter a bit, thinking that Hubby would be back with the chippie any minute, but the meeting seems to be going on longer than I thought!!

I went for a school theme for today’s poem, after pondering all the different ways I could use ‘lime’ and whether I could link it to a graveyard. Funny how my brain works…


Honorary  Bell  Royal  Camel  Grasshopper  Lime  Graveyard  Rassling  Code


I had an honorary seat

At the front, under watchful nonchalance

When the bell rang.

I felt like a royal fool.

What had possessed me to open that letter…?

I could still see the roughly drawn camel

And the crudely scribbled phrase…!


God KNOWS what the grasshopper meant?!


The teacher’s patterned lime top

Was the only thing shouting,

The emptied room was graveyard quiet.

Instead, I was left fidgeting

Rassling with my impulse

To start explaining in a rush.

I listened to her finishing her marking…


Maybe her pen-scratches were teacher Morse code?


I looked up the Urban Dictionary to see what it made of ‘grasshopper’.  Option 4 probably fits the poem best…?!

Please excuse the notebook page, the orange biro doesn’t scan very well, but I love using it!

I’d better sign off before Hubby gets back with my dinner and it goes cold. 

Toodles for now!



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