Golden Cloak – Day Four – #NaPoWriMo21

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Good Morning!

I hid Easter eggs downstairs last night, and I am keeping one ear open for Eldest deciding he is just too bored to stay in his room, despite him already having had breakfast and been asked to amuse himself in his bedroom until about 9am, by which time I should have managed to get this all typed up.  His dad and brother are still snoozing, and I would like the egg-finding to be more of a family affair! Welcome to another day in the Restless house 😉

It is Day 4 of NaPoWriMo, and this was my task:

In honor of the always-becoming nature of poetry, I challenge you today to select a photograph from the perpetually disconcerting @SpaceLiminalBot, and write a poem inspired by one of these odd, in-transition spaces.

[from here]


I chose this pic:

and managed to scribble down two quick poems in my distracted state. Here’s the first:


Showing strange solidarity,

Whilst raising money (and eyebrows)

Queen Rapunzel threw her lopped tresses

From her former prison’s walls.


A golden cloak descended on the land,

Insulating her people

Through their harsh lockdown winter.


and on to the second:


Through deserted streets pound

Giant legs:

Two chasing four.


Four bounded

Two commanded;

Four ignored,

Two implored.


Four rested

Round a mountain,

Settling for a snooze

After a nice, comfortable scratch.


Two did not retrieve

What his golden pup deposited,

Did not stick around to hear

What the waking townsfolk thought of it…


I started reading The Land Of Stories series to the kids recently, so we have been exploring related Disney movies and talking a lot about Fairy Tales.  Does it show?!

I hope you have a lovely Easter Sunday, whatever you are allowed to get up to where you live.  Here (Central Scotland) there is actually a chance of a snow dusting, so we’ll see how that pans out when considering a walk later!

Keep safe 🙂


Monty X


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3 Responses to “Golden Cloak – Day Four – #NaPoWriMo21”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I love these! I had to look at the photo again & realized it does indeed look like hair!

    Are you reading the Chris Colfer books? I’ve read the first three. They were fun.

    Hoppy Easter! 🐰🥚🧺 I hope the egg hunt is a blast! 💚💚

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Yaay! Glad you loved the poems 🙂 Chris Colfer is indeed a fun writer, the boys relish Conner’s character a bit too much (as you would expect) 😉

    Big Easter hugs to you too! <3 all eggs were eventually found, though apparently I hid some a bit too well, heehee. Xxx

  3. Montaffera Says:

    P.S it was either go this different route (root?!) or start writing about how a community of comedians had to deal with the weight of too many obscure jokes.

    Or work this in:

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