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Well, Jimpix, we meet again *strokes her green pen while glaring at the screen*

I swear that this generator comes around faster than the others.  I always hold my breath before reading the selection!

Today I looked up four of the words…

Cotterdale’ was straightforward enough, being a place in England; and ‘goatish’ did have the connotations I thought it did – but the other two were harder to incorporate.

Having been born in Edinburgh, I always feel a bit disappointed with myself when I don’t recognise a good wee Scots word 😉 I really enjoyed the entry for ‘fleg’ from this site!

I read it to Hubby, and he remarked that it is also the word for ‘flag’ in a broad Northern Irish accent…the Urban Dictionary agreed!  (I read through all 13 entries, and it would appear there are other, less appealing uses of the word, too.  I went with the definition of to frighten like the loyal lassie I am…)

So that left ‘Ling’.

I knew it could be a girl’s name (still miss you, Ally McBeal…)

The Urban Dictionary had a few ideas.

But I went with the fishy definition 😉



Cotterdale  Goatish  Scoot  Family  Clapped  Chopping  Fleg  Wilderness  Ling


He said he was from Cotterdale –

How somewhere so beautiful

Could produce someone so goatish

Is beyond me.


I tried to scoot myself

Nearer the family

At the other end of the bar.

(I’ve not usually clapped eyes on

This kind of creep

In daylight hours)


My skin is crawling so much

I feel like chopping at it

With the lemon knife;

Attempt to give this weirdo

The fleg…


The family move on

Their chatter growing faint –

Why does the place become

A deserted wilderness

EVERY time

I need an out?!


I zone back in to what he’s saying

Trying not to boke

As the weird stringy beard

Wobbles when he talks;

Like I’m conversing

With some elevated Ling.


While I was writing the above, I was reminded of a drabble I read recently, from the wonderful blog dedicated to them.  Being a woman is so tricky: always trying to forge ahead in a fearless fashion, while also being pretty damn vulnerable.


Hope you liked the poem, let me know your thoughts in the comments please! 😉


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