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There are many sites that utilise a ‘quote of the day’ but I visited this one today and ended up with one of Yanni’s pearls of wisdom:

Yanni Quote

“I don’t want problems solved for me. I want the fishing rod, not the fish.” – Yanni


I decided to use this quote as the basis for a short poem:


Give me the rod

To calm my sea,

I don’t want problems

Solved for me.


Don’t pitch me up 

On heaven’s shore,

With no clue what I’ve

Been blessed for!

Boys fishing, and catching a giant Octopus


Each storm I brave

Will teach my soul

That perseverance

Meets my goals.


Don’t dump fish on

A table bare:

Let me strive for my

Pla(i)ce, and chair.


I received a comment earlier on a post where I’m asking for feedback, and it suggests a wee series to try.  I shall be getting stuck into that tomorrow, so watch this space!!


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