Gifted- #NaPoWriMo20 – Day 20

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The prompt for Day 20 was to write about a home/handmade gift I had received:


On an old Christmas tree

That has seen its fair share

Of just-saved almost-topplings

And general wear,

There are treasures all nestled –

They grow every year –

Because one special crafter

Thrives on Christmas cheer!


We are not talking alcohol,

Mince pies or ‘nog;

A mishap with turkey,

Or mistletoe snogs –


No! She gets all a-flutter

With glue, paper and cloth,

And wee jingly bells,

Some pipe cleaners (and fluff)


It’s all just so damn homely

To survey that tree;

Each single decoration

Seems golden, to me 😊


As a bit of a ‘maker’ myself (the poem is about my mum) I really do appreciate the time and effort that goes into any handmade offering. I love that a person must think about you a lot while making you something, so it is already infused with positivity and pleasing memories. The way I see it, crafters have forever imprinted a piece of themselves into the materials they use, because time is something none of us have enough of in this life (no matter how bored you may feel in lockdown…) and yet a ‘maker’ has chosen to encapsulate some of theirs in their art or craft in order to make you feel loved 😊

The kids have great fun decorating our tree every year – and Christmas 2019 they really seemed to take an interest in telling me which deccies they remembered and why. Here you can see not only my mum’s lovely creations peeking out, but also sourdough offerings from the kids’ nursery days, my grumpy fairy I knitted over a decade ago, and various wee knick knacks others have given us over the years. It may look a jumbled mess to many, but I wouldn’t have our tree any other way 😉


Are you crafting in these times of social isolation? Do you have a cherished recipient in mind?


Big hugs, stay safe, and I’ll ‘see’ you for Day 21’s prompt!


Monty X



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