Ghoulish Gains? – #inktober2019 – Day 21 & 22

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Hi 🙂

October 21st was Hubby’s birthday, and I spent the first two hours of my morning watching Percy Jackson and the Sea Of Monsters on Prime with the kids, in order to let Hubby have a lie-in (and then time to visit the dump with some rubbish from our garage very grown up birthday activity, eh?!) and possibly a wander by himself.


With the plethora of Rugby on telly this week, and our boys eager to have him out with them or playing FIFA 20 or Rugby 18 on the X-box – not to mention there being a real match locally that the three of them went to watch on Sunday – Hubby has been the boys’ parent of choice a lot this holiday!


My kid-wrangling then moved on to the boys and me having a lengthy discussion about what happens in a film vs what happens in the book it came from, and why the changes may have come about  (always fun, but this film does diverge a LOT from what I have been reading to them over the last week, so I am thinking there may be elements of future books in there…?).  Then it was decreed that I should read the first few chapters of the third book Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse so that easily took us up to Hubby almost being back home again!


Hubby ordered in pizza for a late lunch, much to the kids’ delight, followed by Hubby opening his presents.  Our boys are very sweet and had made lovely sturdy cards at the beginning of their holiday, so they sat down beside their dad one at a time and told him why they had drawn the pictures on the front, and who was who etc.


About two hours later, we were telling our recent news to Hubby’s parents on Skype 🙂 then there was dinner prep, candle-blowing and cake-scoffing…soon followed by a bit of maths revision, rough n tumble, uniform-gathering, school shoe polishing, gym- and book bag packing, showering, suppering, chatting and hugging…


So anyway, I did get to fit a bit of drawing in around the edges of all that, but I didn’t push myself too hard because I knew it was going to be a full and woolly sort of day. 

Day 21’s Inktober prompt was “treasure” and Day 22’s is “ghost”. I have watched enough T.V featuring the likes of Scooby Doo & Mystery Inc to know that the two prompts complement each other quite a bit.


I managed to get the pencilling done and couple of parts of the drawing inked before midnight yesterday:


I got the skull reference from here.

Then Hubby went to bed and I decided I would just do a little more as I wasn’t tired yet…


That’s when the real fun started: I realised my gel pens had the PERFECT green for ectoplasm.

Oh, oh – and sported glittery gem/metallic colours in their ranks!

I took the ‘fully-inked’ photo at forty-six minutes past midnight this morning, and this next picture at 1:27am!!


Time does fly when you’re happily absorbed!  I hope you can see a bit of the wonderful shininess through the screen 😉 I outlined the coins and a few other bits in the luminous yellow colour, but I figured they were enchanted in some way and the swords, watch and second necklace would look a bit naff with that colour around them, so could just be bling-y in their own right. *Shrugs*

Artistic licence and all that.

By 1.41am this morning I had: shaded the cave walls with my grey coloured pencil, pressed harder for the rocks and blended brown and grey for the dirty floor. I had also decided that it would be silly to stop now, so the chest was beginning to be tackled.  Which only took me seven minutes more, according to the time stamps 😉


So there we have it: Days 21 and 22 marked off, and two days’ worth of drawing and inking accomplished!  I think I finally fell asleep around 3am 😉

I did not forget my painting promise, by the way.  I had fun dipping into my ‘Payne’s Grey’ and ‘Ultramarine’ watercolour pans last night and playing with the amount of water I used in order to create this quick ocean scene:

Hubby loves the sea, so it seemed the obvious thing to paint in the last hour of his birthday.

Have you any inky or painty pieces to share with me?  Pop you links in the comments, please 🙂

Day 23’s prompt is now in my sights 😀

(Just as soon as I recover from having much less sleep than I planned for this first day of the kids getting up early for school after October break!)



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