Gewgaw – #NaPoWriMo19 – 2

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Hey there!

Ok, we are on the second day of Global/National Poetry Writing Month!

On the site, participants have been challenged to write a poem that culminates in a question.

I thought it was time to face the Jimpix generator again – it always makes me enquire about the 
meanings of words, 
ask myself how the heck I make a cohesive narrative from the fodder it throws up, 
seek interesting ways to cobble together sentences and forage for the sense in the chaos… 

(I have learned that ‘gewgaw’ means ‘a (particularly useless) showy thing’,which tickled me)

He showed me a new gewgaw

Auntie had seen fit to buy

(I need more tat festering

Like a large thorn in my eye)


Her ploy had worked, however:

Waylon cuddles’ had ensued

(He rifled through her handbag

With his free hand, which was rude)


Picking through the hovel-y mess

Past Ruscles with his bone,

I then tried to serve dinner (and

Placate my rage hormones)


Husband appeared: the magic sis

Hastening his commute.

Raucous chat over parsnips,

(A floor filthy from his boots)


This man, that boy, this avalanche

Of ‘joy’…!

My brain disjoints.

I wear this weighty wedding ring –

But wonder: what’s the point?


I got a flash of an open-plan living/dining room and a newly-wed woman with PMT trying to entertain – totally at the end of her tether and regretting tying herself into being a wife/step-mum/sister in law…

Where would you have gone with this word selection?!

See you tomorrow 😉


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2 Responses to “Gewgaw – #NaPoWriMo19 – 2”

  1. Jane Wright Says:

    I like poems that are
    a) full of feeling
    b) humorous
    and you have pulled both off with this one. Really good fun.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks Jane, glad you enjoyed it x

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