She Stroked It Gently

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Hi 🙂

Emma provided me with “she stroked it gently”. Interesting choice – I think you’ll agree there are a few possible storylines there!! 😛

Emma didn’t specify where I was to put the phrase, so I decided to make it my closing line, as it is the option I haven’t run with yet:


He had always loved her freezing hands.  He said she could calm any insecure thoughts with a simple caress.

Back in her retail days, a man had once commented that she should consider a career making butter, instead of inflicting her icy fingers on unsuspecting customers.  She’d felt like pelting him with the coins she was offering in change.  Greg had frowned at that story, kissed her palm and laid his cheek on it.

He quite often started at her chilly wrists and worked his nibbly way up her arm, across her neck…by the time he moved to elsewhere she was totally in his thrall.couple kiss

Greg had always brought the best out in her, made her braver and able to smile through any misfortune.  She hoped she would always remember to keep as cool as her hands, in his honour.

Though his pain was now over, and her comfort could not be felt through expensive mahogany; the casket still held a piece of her heart.

She stroked it, gently.


I could be accused of mixing my tenses a little in the story, but I left it that way because I was thinking that we don’t always speak of the dead in the past tense when they are newly deceased; or when they meant a lot to us and we are in the throes of happy memories.  Plus it throws the reader off a little 😉

I have roped hubby into peeking at my next days’ phrases on the sticky post, but not telling me more than the name of the contributors and whether they have given me ‘positioning’ instructions or not! So I know it is Michelle’s turn to fire up my ‘Facebook Fiction’ tomorrow, but have no idea what she’s asked of me.

I’ve been heading to the comment section of the sticky post and telling the contributor when I’m beginning; then popping up a pic of my scribbles (again in the comments of my sticky post) after I’ve had my 20 min write time.  I usually manage to post the result of my labours on the blog by 10pm (all times GMT, as I am in Scotland).

Come visit the sticky post on Facebook and leave me a wee line to take me into the working week…please??  I’m only sorted up to Sunday and I’m loving the challenge too much to stop so soon!

I think I may have become a creative adrenalin junkie.

There, I said it.


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  1. PrettyKoolDame Says:

    A “chilling” little tale 🙂

  2. Montaffera Says:

    😉 x

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