Future For… (#NaPoWriMo Day 11)

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The optional prompt for today was to write about what my future provides.  I set the first part of this poem in the ‘now’ and the second part as a projection into my future.

(See how many thought leader references you can spot…)



I am watching ‘motivational videos’

From a puffy eye

At a small hour


My t-shirt stained

With yesterday’s cake.


My ‘journal’ is closed on the bed

Business PDFs poking

From the confines;

Other people’s lifework

Resounding from the page.

phone with motivational message


I have ‘performance prompts’ aplenty –

(Part of me is eager to start,

But the scared portion

Is exercising her lungs)


Life coaches live in my screen.

I know them all

By name and voice.


If I count backwards from 5

The world will be laid

At my well-heeled feet.


My Small Stuff sweat

Runs in rivulets of ‘shoulds’

But never smells like must.



I’ve written them down!

They glow!  Bright beacons through the mist…

Stones with aspirational words on them


I know my way.


Each habit’s worn so that I now see.


I live to serve:

My grateful audience and I

Conversing socially.


I learned the hacks.

My physiology

Will outperform my peers’.


I calmly meditate upon

The lessons,

And listen with both ears.


In melting down the anger and the fear,

I merge with universal truth; get clear.

We all know clarity’s the holy grail

So how, now, could this plan possibly fail…?


Bullet journal uplifting phrase



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