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Hi 😊

Sometimes, we need a kid to show us that life is not all serious.

Youngest decided to drive that point home for me today.

So what if there are people all over the country going out and marking papers to decide who should govern the British Isles?


So what if the skies have opened, and we can’t get dry between school runs, and it’s meant to be summertime?!

There are many simple pleasures that can make us smile.  We just have to take off our grown up head for a minute 😉




Celestial  Class  Caundle  Tail  Frog  Jellies  Chestnut  Nasty  Clipping

Celestial curls bouncing,

He rushed to the edge of the puddles;

Finally released from nursery class

(His friend fashioned a caundle from the mud)


I was hot on his ‘tail’ –

Cautioning my little frog

Not to dirty up the pushchair later,

Or breach his boots in the depths.


That cruel anxiety deposited jellies

In my legs as I followed him;

Until I reminded myself

Said old chestnut needs cracked…


So, as he moved to shallower (cleaner) splashing

My camera came out!

Why bend to nasty adulthood

When those wings need no clipping?!



I read about the meaning of ‘caundle’ here, it is thought to refer to the low hills found around Bishop/Stourton Caundle in Dorset, England.

When one drags mud with the side of a Wellie Boot, there appear similar mounds 😉

As you can see, Youngest had a blast, and it was lovely watching him try and get the biggest leaps and splashes for my pics!  Well worth the drying time for both the waterproof gear and the buggy in the end, bless him.

Well, that was lots of fun…but… “bring me suuunshine…”


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  1. Jane Wright Says:


  2. Jennifer Patino Says:

    Those are great photos and they accompany the poem beautifully!

  3. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks, he was so enthusiastic 😂

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