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Hi 🙂

It’s another Jimpix day…

I wouldn’t have written ‘freethrow’ and ‘datatype’ as compound words, but then this generator has always been a law unto itself, hasn’t it?!

My definition of ‘clapper’ here is the little part inside a bell, but I am not entirely sure what the rest of the poem means 😉






Pitcher  Least  Clapper  Draw  Freethrow  King  Pebbles  Felix  Datatype


He put down the pitcher,

Stared at me incredulously

Thirst forgotten.

At least I had his attention.


Somewhere a clapper vibrated

And the clang of his realisation

Reverberated through me.

I did not look away.


I sometimes wish

I could draw his expressions;

Have a freethrow at artistic licence –

Scribble in a smile.


He likes to think himself

King of all he surveys –

We sink like pebbles

Through the vastness of his scope.


But now Felix is frowning.

I’ve flabbergasted him;

And he does not comprehend

My datatype, at all.


What has the speaker (I think ‘she’ but could be either gender) done?  What relationship does the speaker have with Felix?  What age is Felix?  How does the situation resolve itself?

Discuss 😉


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