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girl jumping for joyAn uncaged verse


Stretches its limbs far into the margins,

Dances ‘cross a page because it can;

Twirls over conventional lines.

Sits back

When it likes,

Takes a breath in deeply

Holds it

Savours the taste.

Luscious language lingering long 

In a 

Tantalising tale.


How freeing.


I think I may have mentioned before that a lovely published author once sent me a letter (having read a selection of my poems a friend had shoved through his letterbox without my knowledge) assuring me that he thought I would be in print one day, but all the same should test the horizons of non-rhyming poetry.  In the 25 years (!) since, Free Verse and I have definitely become chums…



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    Very nice

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    Thanks x

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