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From Jimpix

It’s a Jimpix daaaaay…

There were two words I was particularly stumped by: xyloid and Niatross.  I think this is the second time racehorses have come into the mix from Jimpix (see my post here).  I know nothing about racing, so it’s just plain awkward to fit in!

I managed, however…


Organic Frankie  Xyloid  Sitesearch  Blackwell  Niatross  Flamboyant  Mirror  Sun


In the organic aisle

Little Frankie lay rigid.

His xyloid body

Drawing gasps from passers-by.


However, him lost in some sitesearch,

It was hard to capture Blackwell’s attention.


Suddenly, like Niatross on The Red Mile,

Frankie bolted out of there;

Some flamboyant attempt

To be rid of us for good.

Papers flew in his wake –

Frankie burning up the aisle

As The Mirror refracted The Sun.


Purple ponderings

‘Frankie’ has obviously been talking to our Eldest, he is the master at running off and giving me a heart attack.

Today our eldest was very upset because I did not let him out to play with his bike.  Eldest had been very stubborn and/or impatient all morning, and when we were standing at the door around 11am, and I was adjusting Youngest’s underchin strap for his bike helmet, Eldest got frustrated and whacked me just under my shoulder, where all the nerves seem to converge!  This resulted in me feeling weak in that arm for quite a while – and in Eldest having to stay in with daddy (who was conveniently working from home today)  while I took Youngest out on his scooter.

Eldest was not at all happy with this, and refused to stay upstairs where daddy could keep an eye on him.  He took my coming inside to get Youngest a drink as his opportunity to do his own racehorse impression, and legged it all around the block with me frantically running after him, warning of the dangers of careering into the road!

That boy can run fast when he wants to…

All ended safely, because at the bottom of the street behind us, he chose to turn towards home instead of heading in the opposite direction, and heavier traffic.

I did delete one of his games from the tablet, however, which made us both sad because he had worked hard to make it to a high level in only a few weeks.  I tried to explain that the grief he felt for his game was nothing compared to the devastation his poor family would have felt had he got hurt from running away…but he didn’t want to hear that.  Sigh.

Do you have a kid who is strong willed, and is liable to run off now and then?  Have you any amusing stories to share?


Let me know in the comments…!


[Edit 5/4/17: there is a revised version of the second verse in the comments ;)]


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2 Responses to “Frankie”

  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Not sure about ‘him lost’. ‘The grammar sounds a bit askew, probably because it has to be done in such a rush plus the extraordinary words this jimpix throws up. But your last line is absolutely brilliant.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Yes, I concur with you about the grammar.

    I ran through to hubster and asked him what it sounded like without the ‘him’, but we agreed it implied that the speaker was doing the sitesearch if I left it out…

    Maybe if I swopped the commas for brackets it would sound better, but yes I was pretty up against it by the end of my swithering!

    Always a risk, but part of the fun 😉 I can go back through my ‘canon’ and revise it at a later date.

    [“Though, not being a sitesearch
    That threw up good games,
    We still escaped Blackwell’s attention…”]


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