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The first five words of this selection from the Random Word Generator site powerfully brought to mind all the focus at the moment on bed blocking and social care.  A lady in her mid-eighties immediately stood in front of me.  She looked a bit like my Great Grandmother.








See   Spirit   Frame   Harass   White   Detector   Fling   Grass  Atmosphere


One could see her spirit wane

All fire extinguished in her frame;

The nurses’ harass met with nought

When, once, white uniforms were fought.


Metal detector at the door

Became her entertainment score,

As she shuffled corridors

And sweet little kids did bore.


She used to tease about my ‘fling’

Be quick to notice everything;

At pasture’s grass, now – some ‘Old Dear’ –

Her room devoid of atmosphere.


Metal detectors are not commonplace in UK hospital entrances, but I know they are in (at least parts of ) the US, so I used a bit of poetic license there 😉

I would hate to be spending any of my twilight years stuck in a hospital when I was well enough to be back in my own space again.  It would make me feel vulnerable, useless and as if I was never going to be allowed to escape – all feelings I descend into after just a few days in the house with a virus!

Our mood can affect our health, so it can only be dangerous to make older people believe they are not required to be functional in society any more. 

I really hope the Care Quality Commission’s investigations significantly help our NHS to make some breakthroughs in this area; and start giving everyone the freedoms they deserve as soon as their health allows.


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