Fragile Pieces – #NaPoWriMo19 – 1

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Hiya 🙂


The optional prompt for NaPoWriMo today is to write instructions in a poem. 

In my usual way, I have decided to consult the universe and ask it to…instruct?…me by means of a random word generator.  Today I used Textfixer.  It appeared to have a rather vicious agenda to begin with…!


If you want to woo me,

Don’t make each conversation a bloodsport.


Don’t escalate my voice to fever pitch,

As I bare each tooth

And scatter my fragile jigsaw under your menacing glare.


Trying to account

For the irregular edges

Takes all my energy.


Forever missing something,

A capsule erroneously opened.


This ‘white whale

That eludes even itself.


Tempt me in

With the fizz of your intellect;

Praise my efforts

To disguise how convertible

I know your fickle pleasure boat to be.


Does this read as instructions, or just commands?!  Spot the mixed metaphors too…!


No matter: that’s the first ‘official’ April 2019 poem done and dusted!  Hurrah!


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