Of Fortune, A Hero (And Muck)

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Hey There!

I got to thinking, and realised that I could probably write a Cinquain or two with a roll of my Haikubes! (This is the poetry type that has five lines, and a syllable structure of 2-4-6-8-2)


Today's roll of the Haikubes dice...

I grabbed one of the red-printed kubes to give me the first topic (‘My Future’) and came up with this:

First cinquain I got from my Kubes



Hoped-for return

Screwed, ‘neath heavy ‘balance’.

Empty fantasy…fathom this,



I loved that I got ‘fortune’ twice in one roll, and other alliterative words to put with it!! Also, the blank kube faces that came up add even more options, as I can insert my own words.  I imagined the speaker/me giving a rude gesture at the end 😉

Speaking of rude, I got quite a few words that, when put together, could be rather ‘Ooooh Maaatron!’ in this selection…!

Words that could be said to be rude

The next roll of the topic-kube gave me ‘A Regret About’, so I used some of the naughtier stuff in my second cinquain (this one is definitely not about me!!):

My second cinquain



Rides into town;

Clever words…my room…the

Desperate tangle…our wet flesh…





I managed to get one last cinquain out of my selection, and this time it had to be about ‘Our World’.  I decided to look at climate change, starting with the milder end (where we are seeing strong winds etc more often); and ending with the really tragic pictures we sometimes catch on the news.  (Just to finish on a sober note, in case you were enjoying this post at all…) 

Luckily I had just enough blank kube-faces left to write this one!

My third cinquain


Biting wind blows

Down gentle shady trees/

Boy must search for slimy, muck-death



I had 15 intriguing words (plus one ending of ‘-esque’) left over, so I’ve taken a picture of them to enable me to construct a random word poem for tomorrow!

Here is the whole scene from my cinquain session today, just so you can see that I didn’t cheat 😉

All my cinquains and left over Kubes


Be sure to check out tomorrow’s post to see what I come up with for the leftovers!! 

[Who knows, I may even pick a prettier background than a shoebox lid, my notepad and Eldest’s carpet… 😛 ]



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