For It Returns – #NaPoWriMo20 – Day 30

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Well Helloooo, last day of NaPo for 2020!


The last optional prompt on the site was:

“I’d like to challenge you to write a poem about something that returns”.

For which, I wrote:


The feeling of excitement at a new page

The indulgent, deep inhalation

Of the smell of possibility;

A new month stands before us.

Yes, constrained by news-worthy events.

Yes, uncertain.

Yes, with a hint of mistrust;

An edge no one wanted.


But it returned!


A soul memory,

A kicking in of natural optimism.

Late Spring:

A creative mind, dancing with all that could be

To create what we don’t have yet.




That amazing concept of forgiveness!

Of that one last ‘picking up’

That champions all others.


The hope, garnered in three letters!


We haven’t met



But Yet waves us here,

Kisses us on the cheek,

And we’ll return.


Just watch us!


Big hugs, stay safe, and…

…as usual I am hoping that I will manage to post here at least once a week in May?! I think I’ll be homeschooling the kids for a few weeks yet, so chances are I’ll have something to “show and tell” more often…? 😉

Take care of yourselves and do keep in touch so I am nudged to post more frequently! I do hope that whatever is normal in your life starts to return over the month of May. I think we are probably all needing a longer walk in the fresh air than we’re allowed just now, and some certainty back in our lives?

Thank you for your company over this month of poems, and I hope to catch up with you again very soon!


Monty X


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3 Responses to “For It Returns – #NaPoWriMo20 – Day 30”

  1. Jennifer Patino Says:

    Congrats on completing NaPo this year! I always enjoy reading your posts. Love & hugs for May! 🤗💗

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thank you, big hugs back, I am looking forward to catching up on the rest of your NaPo now that I have a Sunday to slow down in again 😉 been doing end-of-creative-project cleaning like a demon today, haha

  3. Jane Wright Says:

    I concur

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