Flake Expectations

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*Waves listlessly at you*


I am a smidge hungover today.  Screenshot for 15th October 2017

I only went one glass above what I usually allow myself, and even drank water while I was out, but urrrrrgh. 

I had a reeeeeally good laugh with the mum pals I escaped with, however, so swings and roundabouts (spinning, endlessly, in my head…)

Consequently,  I had a ready theme to shoehorn my Random Word Generator words into today 😉  yeah baby!





Manager  Expect  Tease  Ancestor  Raise  Profound  Stress  Bitter  Profile


What did my manager expect?

Good humour from my furry tongue

While he chose to tease me –

Prone as I was

Across piles of files?!

 Written page for 15.10.17

An ancestor or two

May have had reason to raise

An exclamation at my language

(From their dusty graves)

But I was fresh out

Of profound retorts.


It’s the stress of being

The ONLY one in the office

With a low alcohol tolerance.


YES, I’m bitter about them nagging me

To come out on a Thursday night!!

 Monty scrubbed up ok...

It’s not bloody fair

To stick my drooling profile shot

All around the walls,

Just because I fell asleep

On the photocopier



That room is so comfy and warm…


One of my friends did have to work today.  I feel so sorry for her!!!



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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Sounds like it was fun

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