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I went with the American spelling that Random Word Generator gave me today, and left out the ‘u’ in ‘mold’.  My Word document didn’t like that very much.  I then left off the British ‘s’ ending for ‘toward’ to try and not mix the poem up too much.  I did indeed feel rebellious 😉screenshot for 19.10.17









Rotation  Devote  Criticism  Feather  Praise  Arrow  Mold  Size  Flag


It was a kind of weird rotation:

Their willingness to devote time

To overwhelming criticism

Of every move I made.

 Pic of woman, isolated on sea stone

I wish I could say

That I batted each dig aside

Like some inconsequential feather

Floating on a gentle breeze…


I have had huge amounts of praise,

So much that I should have direction;

My compass arrow toward success –

But that was not my mold.


I let them slice me up

To a more manageable size;

Curled in upon myself

And raised that bleached-out flag.


Over a score years later,

I am weary of waiving.


The plans are all written

And change is afoot.



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