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Hi there 🙂

Today I had another little Googling marathon to do in order to wrestle the Jimpix words into a poem.  But it is always educational!

From Jimpix

I did not know what I was going to do with ‘kern’, and at first thought this would work; but I then looked at the preceding word, and stumbled upon the composer instead!  Very helpful 😀

Salisburyhas a few possibilities, but I approached it from the music angle – and found they have a Jazz Club!

Tia’ is (as you probably know) short for ‘thanks in advance’, but I decided it would fit better as a name in this poem (and definitely not as a type of stroke…)

So, with a wee road map appearing, I wrote my piece!





Fitting  Jazz  Kern  Would  Forceful  Tia  Murmur  Salisbury  Pine


It was fitting that, as I walked in,

The Jazz band were playing ‘Yesterdays’

(My favourite Kern composition)

I looked around for the usual lurkers,

Hoping one of them would toss me a drink.

The hangover had been particularly forceful;

And Tia’s voice even more so.


As the Saxaphone’s murmur and caress

Made me thankful Salisbury is anything but plain,

I threw back my first shot;

And my heart began to forget how to pine

For lost loves and dreams.


Scribbles in red

I am not a follower of Jazz myself (though ‘Montaffera’ and ‘Comfy Restless’ would probably fit right into the scene?) but I learned about the piece’s history here, heard it here, and I like it!

I was a bit sad, when I was Googling ‘jazz kern’ and came across a Facebook page for a dead dog 🙁 but, all in all, I had a good session with my generator nemesis today!  Thanks Jimpix!!

And thank YOU for reading 😉



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