First Inklings – #inktober2019 – Day 1

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Well…it’s been a while!

I have been busy with all the usual mum stuff, and the kids are getting HUGE, as you can imagine.  That’s them in Primary Five and Primary two now, so it is scary (and wonderful, and exciting…) watching how much they are coming on and branching out into the world!

Youngest is still loving his Taekwon-do, having just achieved his blue-striped belt, and Eldest will be having his second Karate lesson this evening, with two of his favourite friends. 

The boys are forging ahead with their reading as well: I think Eldest’s total was 25 books (not including the ones he re-read…) over the 7 weeks of the school Summer holidays, and Youngest can now read chapter books silently to himself.  (He also loves reading to me, which I hope he continues to do for a long time because it does my heart good seeing him so excited to share his love of books and discuss the plot lines with anyone who’ll listen). School mornings and ‘bored’ periods are a whole lot calmer now that our kids are very likely to pick up where they left off with some exciting character or other! I got to re-visit the first three Harry Potter novels and I’m now into the exploits of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson of an evening, thanks to my determination to participate in our boys’ penchant for adventure.  I got pretty good at Professor McGonagall’s voice, I was told… 😉

Around their growing and exploring, I have also been trying to do the same. 

It has almost been a year since I decided to get back into the drawing (I go into more detail here) and I’ve been having lots of fun with it.  I have challenged myself to draw, and splash watercolours around, every day since the middle of February, so that’s been over 6 months now that I have kept up the practise.  I don’t make it a difficult thing to do, I just draw anything – and then usually colour it with the paint.  Sometimes I draw something that I’m not going to paint, or don’t want to paint, or that is on paper that won’t take paint, or is part of a bigger project…so I doodle something with the paint later on.  I don’t stress myself out with it, it is all in the name of fun.

In this spirit (and cos you all KNOW I love a wee prompt to get my creative head around) I am going to do a very loose and laid-back version of Inktober this year.

I received my order of an assorted 8 pack of Faber-Castell’s ‘PITT artist pens’ exactly four weeks ago, along with a ten pack of Stabilo’s point 88, 0.4mm nib fineliners.  They have been rocking my little world ever since!  The Stabilo pens are not waterproof, so I can’t use the paint with them unless I want a smudgy look, but the PITT pens are brilliant to watercolour over.

PITT and Stabilo fineliners

Have I mentioned how much FUNNN I’m having?!

I am not going to share ‘high’ art, much as I do not share ‘high’ literature on here; but I am going to play to the essence of Inktober and produce a drawing or two in ink (probably with a splash of watercolour) every day and post it up here on the blog for the whole of October.  Cos: why not, eh?!

And if I write a poem on any given day I might post it up, too 😀

This is the official prompt list for Inktober 2019:

Inktober prompts 2019


And here are my takes on today’s suggestion of ‘ring’. I decided to leave them un-watercoloured:

My Inktober sketchbook
Day 1 Inktober drawing
The first object that came to mind
The ‘obvious’ choice 😉

Yaaay for new creative challenges!!

If you are participating in #inktober2019, please leave me a link to your work in the comments so I can cheer you on 🙂

See you back here tomorrow!


[I used this photo for reference]


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