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Again hubby was working from home, and again I was feeling pretty awful today! I was blessed with a lovely cuddle from our boys when I opened my eyes, however.  That’s always worth waking for 😉

Today’s artwork from Youngest was a little more graphic.  Apparently the dots in this one represent blood because I am pushing him out!!  It is not like we watch One Born Every Minute together or anything, honest…

I was absolutely done in after lunch, despite not having actually done much, so I lay down on the couch to rest my eyes.  Youngest joined me and, next thing I knew, Eldest was clattering through the door with Hubby!  It turns out Youngest and I looked too peaceful to disturb when school pick-up time rolled around, so Hubby just went down to the school by himself.  He’s such a lovely guy 😉

There was great excitement very soon, however, as Eldest completed his ‘SBoy Adventure’ game on the tablet!  120 levels done in about a month’s very determined playing!  Big proud smiles came from our seven year old, and Youngest even deemed the occasion important enough to warrant him getting up off the couch to come and congratulate his brother!  (I will never know how Eldest can play these games using his middle instead of pointer fingers.  My whole hand would cramp up in a matter of minutes!)

I started to feel a lot better after my nap, but the boys were not happy with each other, so I did quite a bit of refereeing while trying to thank Twitter followers and look at my blog stats etc.  We did all have a yummy pork dinner together in the end, though.

I was a bit stumped when I started the timer to write my poem.  With all the buzzing in my head today, I wasn’t sure how to fit the words together at all.  In the end I went for a rather strange formula, but I did get all the selection in!


Apple  Wolf  Pimp  Prediction  Shocking  Blindly  Settler  Finite


And the noise that apple cart made

Reverberated through my life…


Somewhere, a wolf howled,

The sky got darker;

And some pimp stole another

Poor girl’s innocence.


As the moon rose:

A fortuneteller gasped

As her prediction reached

A shocking conclusion.


A lost boy, in ripped clothes,

Stumbled blindly through a wood;

Chased by some dark shape.


A settler ousted a native

From their own land,




In reality,

This moment –

I stood defiant in their midst.


My breaths are finite,

I won’t waste any on them.


There are small people wanting me to read the Famous Five – and cake and tea with Hubby for afters.  I shall bid you adieu.

I hope you liked the poem 🙂





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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    I like this rather strange little poem very much. It gives lots of food for thought

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks 😉 x

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