Finding The One

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How are these for a bewildering smatter of words?!


Having never heard of ‘venford’ or ‘suzhou’ before, I had to spend about 8 minutes looking them up, which of course only left me 7 minutes to scribble a poem!  Luckily, I was already forming an idea of how I would use ‘burritos’, and this went well with ‘selfies’… and what I had found out about ‘venford’ gave me a setting that would fit ‘pink’ in ok.  The ‘book’ could be about ‘suzhou’ and ‘Theodore’ could be reading it (and somehow use a ‘tick’?) and of course his reading material was already suitably ‘exotic’!

Sorted 😉


Burritos   Selfies   Venford   Pink   Suzhou   Book   Theodore   Tick   Exotic 

Wrapped up tight –

Two chatty burritos;

We took selfies

On the Venford banks.


The pictures showed

Our pinched, pink, noses;

And our happy faces

High on fresh air.


Later, we went back,

Warmed ourselves in our room;

The Suzhou book open:

Theodore outlining plans.


On that day, I think,

I got to tick the box

For “finding the one

You can’t live without”.


The next year, in China,

He proposed; wanting

An exotic, historic,

Start to our lives.


But we already had love

In spades.


Words of green

Aww I am rooting for this couple, aren’t you? I hope they always stay in love and remember their carefree day, smiling by the reservoir.

Who would ‘Theodore’ be in your piece?  A companion, an enemy, some treasured pet?

[‘Burritos’ might be a cool dog’s name, come to think of it.]

What would your ‘selfies’ show?  Would you be in ‘Suzhou’?

Feel free to have a ponder in the comments.


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