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Today hubby and I have been married for a whole nine years!

I told Youngest last night that this was about to happen, and he started crying and telling me that he wanted me to stay forever…!  I explained that being married for nine years didn’t mean that it was now the end, but just that nine years ago Mummy wore a pretty dress, and said she and Daddy were going to be together for ever; then we had a party with our friends and family.

He still looked a little confused (much to the exasperation of Eldest) so I broke out the wedding photos.

Why do children want to get their sticky fingers alllll over them?! I spent half my time asking them (increasingly firmly) not to touch the perfectly mounted glossies – and the other half assuring them that I wasn’t wearing trousers under my dress/no-one could see my legs when I got in or out of the fancy car/no, that wasn’t our car/no, we didn’t shrink their cousins for the day, it was actually nine years ago…

It is weird trying to explain to two little people, that are a huuuuge part of our lives now, why they are not going to be in pictures that were taken before they were born.  Eldest kept exclaiming that my tummy didn’t have a bump in it, and Youngest kept sighing and stating in a mock-patient voice that he and his brother were “dust eggs” at that time – then asking me to confirm it.  It was a very surreal conversation as, after 7 years of being a mum, I can’t quite believe hubby and I had a life together before children, either!!

But both boys went into their separate educational haunts this morning and, after the obligatory wee trip to Tesco, hubby and I went for a bacon roll and tea at the hotel we got married in 🙂

A lovely waitress took our photo instead of a hired professional, and I have had to tweak it because the lighting was not too favourable, but I think it shows we can still have some time off together.

Good yum in front of us, and our writing pads out – the fundamentals that made us compatible in the first place!

[Can I just point out that I am now over half a stone lighter than I was on my wedding day?!  Thanks!]

Hubby and I wrote and chatted, and ate and reminisced until about 11.15am; then headed back to collect Youngest.  We were pretty early, so most of the nursery heard our boy pipe up “Daddy! Mummy! Did you enjoy your weddin’?!” as we came into view…apparently he had told his keyworker that we were going to a wedding while he was at nursery, and Mummy was going to wear a pretty dress, with her legs out! 😀



From Randomwordgenerator

Today’s words did not conjure up any wedding imagery in my head, in fact they became an extension of the post I wrote the other day about feeling the writers’ fear, and venturing on regardless…


Mark  Emphasis  Tired  Recruit  Carpet  Scan  Stand  Pudding  Filter


As I make the mark,

Sully the page with my pen;

Choose emphasis, parenthesis,

Work my tired brain

Out –


I sigh and worry,

Recruit recalcitrant figments

To walk the marred

Red carpet of my mind

Once more.


I scan my feelings

See who(m) I can stand

To let talk to me.

But always, always

Someone shoulders in,



And for pudding:

I serve up a hasty explanation

Of what in damnation

Possessed me to write that in the first place…


There is scant filter

On a 15 minute scramble –

But, sometimes?

That’s ok.


You know, grammar bugs me!!!  I found a nice page about when to use who and whom here, however.  Silver linings…

The kids need to go to bed, so I’ll ‘see’ you all later. 

*Waves at the screen*









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