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I was not inspired to write anything by my journal prompt today, so I asked Textfixer for some fodder instead. 

Textfixer word selection

I then wrote two similar poems, following my usual rules for each.  Which do you think works the best?



In twelve more years,

There’ll be two decades’ worth

Of fermentation

Spilling over laptop screens,

Peeking out of bookshelves.

My sugar turning bitter:

Forbidden’ activity

Producing wealth at last.

Balled up attempts


The ultimate prank:

Push forth life, take care of it,

Be the officer of its welfare;

Laser focus on the important

And find inner peace”


Many a frustrated cadaver

Would expound

(If allowed voice)

On how this is not real life.





In twelve years:

Two decades mum.

What fermentation will I see?

If all is kept forbidden

My sugar starved of oxygen –

A dark red run

Acidic and thin?

zombie lady


The prank of the push


The arresting officer of motivation,





My head full of laser scars:

Focus obliterated the inner world

With each task ticked off.

This walking cadaver

Stinks up every conversation;

Blue–lipped, slack–limbed

And hungry for brains.



I’m plumping for the second one 😉


Pics are from here and here


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Prefer the first

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