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Burial  Meadow  Fence  Endorse  Addicted  Scale  Current  Act  Partnership


After the burial,

She thought about that meadow

With the bluebells,

Where they’d crawled through the fence

To escape the rows.


When the DVLA

Had been forced to endorse more points

He’d lost his job,

Became addicted to stuff –

The scale of which pushed her and mum away.


He’d been sad when he’d heard,

Staggered out of the hovel

To his current residence on her couch.

Every act of cowardice a guilty load,

No partnership that marriage, more a crutch.


So there they were, at last,

Daughter and Father – united in grief.

So many possessions and words

Weighing heavy between coffee cups and sighs;

No clear egress from their pain.


I have been watching a lot of Hoarders episodes on YouTube recently (hence the poem).  It started on our Skye holiday, when I happened to flick on the CBS Reality channel and Eldest got interested in how anyone could live in a home that messy.  It grew from there into a message for me and the menfolk that we really need to sort through our house and get rid of some junk so we can access the things we love more easily 😉

I have decided to make a major decluttering of the house our mission for the last few months of my thirties.  The kids and I made good progress today, because we sorted through a box of random school and miscellaneous papers, as well as a rather large pile of artwork.  I hate chucking out the kids’ masterpieces, but they are rather good at it!  We started with a large, empty, Ikea recycling bin; and had filled it by the end of our efforts – the kids even enjoyed helping…we spent well over an hour sifting and junking!

I had been wondering about whether I should just keep everything that had come home with Eldest from P2, but he was very good and threw out about a third of it, while also telling me what he’d liked about the lessons he’d kept things from.

Later in the day, I presented him with his P1 folder and (although he was a little reluctant to do the work at first) he again whittled the pile down quite a bit.  Soooo much easier on my conscience when the kids willingly part with stuff!

I spent the rest of the day wandering about, attacking little junk piles in the kitchen, vacuuming, and clearing off the mess from the TV sideboard.  There is still a lot to do, but we’ll get there if we keep pulling together as a team.  Tomorrow Hubby has pledged to tackle the garage a bit, and maybe do a run to the local dump 😉

I also made good ‘head’way with a crochet project a friend has commissioned me to make for her.  Busy busy! 

Not a bad lot for a mostly rainy day…


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Wish you would come and de-clutter us, too!

  2. Montaffera Says:

    We will be hard pushed to finish ours by December 😉

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