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Yesterday, Hubby and I went out together while my mum took care of our lil tearaways at her house 🙂

We had a nice relaxed late breakfast/lunch at an American-style diner we like, then went and did most of the M&S school-clothes shop while we had the time (and patience)!  We met one of my friends by chance in a café after that, and had a blether before heading back to the car to drop off our shopping bags.  It had turned into a nice afternoon, so Hubby and I had a wander around the park I used to go to as a child, then headed up to my old university to really play the nostalgia card. 

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Unfortunately, this is when my food choices at the diner caught up with me, and I belatedly remembered that chasing two fried eggs with a dessert that includes cream and ice cream is not very clever when you have my stomach…!

Consequently, I went 24 hours without food, and only ate a tentative brunch about midday today.  I still felt really ropey, as if I had copious amounts of alcohol last night. 

This being my train of thought, the speaker in my poem has a hangover…and is still valiantly mothering through it 😉


Corn  Rule  Puncture  Nerve  Grip  Chunky  Arrest  Ruin  Smoke


I looked at my cereal –

All that corn goodness

(As a rule,

It* usually can puncture

Any diet plan)


But my nerve this morning

Was not there.


In the grip of a wave

Of threatening, chunky yuck;

I decided to arrest the plan

To fill my tum.


Instead, I watched my son

Deftly fold his pyjamas,

Beat me at board games,

And squish me with hugs.


Why let a few bad choices

Ruin time with my baby?


I’ll do better tomorrow –

And wash off this smoke…


* I changed ‘flakes’ to ‘cereal’, but forgot to change ‘they’ to ‘it’ in my notebook!

 ->slaps forehead<-


Hubby is continuing to teach the boys to swim, and has taken them out separately today.  What the kid in the poem was doing mirrors Youngest’s antics with me this morning. 

He was really sweet and kept stroking my head and playing with my ears in concern.  He still didn’t let me win any games, however 😉

Both kids helped me put away their dry washing; luckily they seem to find doing small piles of folding quite therapeutic!  We iron as the need arises around here, I live with three ‘drawer foragers’ so would need to press their stuff all over again anyway, after they’d flung it about looking for something.  Life’s just too short for that nonsense!!

Now I’ve had dinner, the headache that decided to join my dodgy tum is finally subsiding, so I’m feeling much more like myself again.  I will try and remember that I am not invincible, in the future!


The carrot cake was very yummy, all the same…


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