Fantasy Parenting Blog List (#NaPoWriMo Day 3)

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Day three, and the suggestion for my piece was to fashion a ‘list poem’ comprised of made-up names for something.  I decided to think of parenting blogs, and went through the alphabet to fire my brain a bit further.

I actually Googled the names I have here, and no blogs came up (on the first page, anyway…) for any of them. 

If you consequently decide to start a blog with any of these titles, please acknowledge me… 😛


Apathetic Upbringing,

Boogers And Bicycles;

Childhood Chartering,

Deserts And Icicles.


Evident Evolving,

Frolick And Fan C;

Gargantuan Giggleheads,

Half Hour With Nancy.


Indigo Buttercups,

Judgey And Proud;

Kindergarten Carnival,

Lucked-Out And Loud.


Mindful Misdemeanours,

Nonsense And Knowhow;

Optional Opulence,

Power Of “Pow!”.


Quintessential Quibbling,

Ribena And Rusks;

Slow-Cooking A Manchild,

To façade and fuss.


Unleashing Unicorns,

V-Signs And Vim;

Waiting For Blotto,

Xylophone Whims.


Yellow Rhino Dancing Here.


Zapp Ponders The Stratosphere.



Which is/are your favourite(s) – and why?

I loved how my mind started writing the opening lines of many ‘first blog posts’ during this poem!!  The names really gave me an insight into the different tones of writing required, as well as the personalities of the individuals who would probably choose each title.



[Pics are from here and here]


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  1. Jennifer Patino Says:

    Optional Opulence… it just made me smile 😊

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Yes: it has a few layers that one 🙂

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