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Good Evening!

Today was a Random Lists Generator day. 

Not got the same ring/ominous overtones, has it?!



Maniacal  Thank  Broad  Fancy  Desire  Wooden  Halting  Contain  Powerful

Maniacal laughter

To the rafters –

Thank you sons

For all you’ve done…!

In broad expanse

Where you both prance:

Strewn fancy toys

Are making NOISE!


My one desire

Is to fire

All those things

That bleep and sing;

And in their stead

Have stories read.

And wooden trains

(With boats, and cranes)

Halting for sheep

Kids must make bleat

Using their mouths

(Or pigs…or cows…)


Imagination can run free

With things that will not talk to…thee;

Those hours spent in play contain

The building blocks of powerful brains!




Do you agree with the speaker in the poem?

Having studied education as part of my degree, with a view to going into teaching (which I later decided against), I like reading books and articles about how people learn. I have also seen first hand that toys become a little more versatile when the batteries run out/they can be commandeered by superheroes without a sound.

Our two covet boxes. At the moment our playroom is sporting packaging from a buggy (which it has outlasted! The wheels lose their rubber every time I take it out, now. I think it has gone to the garage to die) and the cartons for two collapsible ottomans. These are made into precarious ramps, and used as car garages, amongst other myriad things.

It was the local elections in the UK today, and Eldest was NOT happy at being dragged away from the tablet. He was ok with going to the actual polling station, but then wanted to go straight back home and back to his digital existence.

Cue histrionics when us parent types announced that Tesco was to be a quick stop for dinner, first!! Luckily, Hubby and I had left the bag of ‘planned activities’ (as our parenting course called it when Eldest was four) in the car, so I was able to set him up with a folder with paper to doodle on. We also discovered a maths workbook in there (that used to be carried about in primary one days, I think, judging from how easy he found it!) and stencils, so Eldest was very pleased with what he produced. Youngest had fallen asleep, so I got to coo over Eldest’s achievements without interruption. Win!

In agreement with the article link above, I always find the kids really enjoy getting absorbed into open-ended activities; where they can choose what other materials to bring in, and which stories they can embellish. There is not a day goes by when I am not dragged through to the playroom to be told about something they’ve built or set out; all the thought processes behind the construction, and exactly how it is being used just now. It can be exhausting, as I don’t get much time to just sit and eat my lunch, or watch ten minutes of TV together, but it is lovely that they wish to share it all with me, and they can elaborate on a starting thought so well!

Which toys did you cherish as a child? If you have kids of your own now, which toys were you eager to pass on?

Answers in the comments, please!



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