Expressive Cloth Pt. 5

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So we have come to the last part of the story!

(Here’s the rest-scroll down for the instalment you need)

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Violence   Vixen   Groan   Greasy   Binocular   Allowable   Expert   Guideline   Bounce

According to Abe and his colleagues at the FBI, this ex of hers had been violence incarnate.  He had kept tabs on every woman he had ever been with, but appeared particularly obsessed with Mary.  She’d never really talked about him, and always liked to come across as a self-assured ‘vixen’, so I was shocked when Abe told me it had got as far out of hand at one stage.

Abe said that the first sound Mary had made when they found her was a groan.  She’d been tied up on the floor of a greasy, run down kitchen in a back alley.  Apparently, she’d been beaten so badly her binocular vision was affected permanently – if I had known that I would never have performed with her.  It gives me palpitations even now when I think of how lucky we were every night…

Her ex was not the kind of man to let such a prized ‘possession’ go easily.  She was pursued across state lines many times and only had a few years of peace while he was behind bars for something else.

There were miniscule margins for errors allowable in the plan.  Gavrill was an expert at illusions, and meticulous in his planning; so I tried to quell my anxieties that night.  Gavrill had gone over every guideline with Mary and me numerous times, and we had managed to keep the specifics from Maria.  She had to believe her mother was falling to her death, too.  That was the part I really hated about the plan, but it needed to be that way to keep her safe.

As the night drew nearer, I knew I couldn’t watch.  Even with Gavrill’s assurances,  I couldn’t help thinking of his son and how bitterly he was still missed…

Mary and I planned to use my car afterwards to get her to that late flight.

When I heard the news I ran, and somehow expected it all to be part of her ‘farewell flourish’.  People were saying that the audience watched her head bounce up horribly, which ultimately caused irreparable damage and killed her very quickly.

Maria did not touch Mary’s limp body, and I have never seen her cry about it.  She’s just thrown herself into work and doesn’t want me to be sad, either.  “She died doing what she loved” she says.  She’s so much stronger than me.

As I watch Maria going through Mary’s routines in those same costumes, I can almost trick myself into believing we never lost her.  Mary’s expressions and mannerisms live on in our daughter as if somehow Mary’s spirit is woven into the ceiling of the big top itself; breathing her essence into everything Maria undertakes.


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