Expressive Cloth Pt. 4

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(Here are parts one, two and three)

These are the words Textfixer pumped out for me today:

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Phenomenal  Blame   Heroes   Dolphins   Invention   Jack-knife   Friend   Federal   Hectic

There was a phenomenal amount of press coverage when mum died.  Most of the tabloids seemed to hint at dad being to blame.  Like all tragic heroes in life, he still thinks that way.  His name was cleared pretty quickly, but he regrets not being there that night.

I was there, however.  I saw what she did.

“Even dolphins are not monogamous, it’s not an intelligent move to stick with just one lover” he’d said afterwards, gesturing towards the big pool across the grounds.  “It’s just an invention of your romantic mind to think she was all mine.  But I loved her.”

I couldn’t comprehend him at the time, and I still struggle with that point of view.  It had all seemed so simple as I watched her jack-knife to the floor.

Our circus family gathered round us, dad had a friend from university in some federal position that quickened the autopsy; and we were ok again.

Life soon became hectic as my talents were recognised (at long last).  I could do all of mum’s stunts, and I brought Marco on board to help; unfortunately, dad refused to perform with me.  It was not quite how I had envisioned it, but no matter.


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