Expressive Cloth Pt. 3

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Hey 🙂

I still have no real idea where this story is heading, but it seems to be the father talking in tonight’s piece.

(Here are parts one and two if you missed them)


Camel   Meat   Prime   Beads   Hangover   Mushroom   Melt   Behold   Illegal

“In my country, there are camel butchers!”

I am not convinced that this argument should have mentioned the animal’s meat; now not only the keeper but the beast itself was grumpy.  I swear that camel could understand everything us humans said.

This is a prime example of why I don’t live here.  Any time, day or night, there seems to be a passionate exchange.  I know these are performing people, but it wears on me.  The sequins and beads I can handle, but I like to retreat after the show, not earn a bruised hangover by having a punch-up behind a trailer – while high after Madam Vogera’s ‘special’ mushroom stroganoff…

I stood watching the strong words escalate, biding my time to step in and calm things down.  It is what I do, how I made their icy stares melt when Mary first brought me here.  I care about them all, I care about their troubles and see how hard they work.  I know they are family to each other in every sense of the word.  Lo and behold, just as I thought my services were needed, Ammon said something so ludicrous in his anger that  Gregor leaned against his camel and roared with laughter; which made Ammon follow suit.  Then there was the shaking of hands and a promise to share whatever illegal herb was to be added to that night’s evening meal.  I was again glad that I would be heading home for a microwaved meal and some tame television.


I read this on Wikipedia about camel meat.  I’m not going to try it any time soon, though.

I wrote today’s piece with eldest going absolutely crackers in the background, so I think the tenses are out and I was also quite surprised it hung together at all…

I am hoping tomorrow’s words boost my imagination and I figure out what the point is behind all this chat the two speakers have given us so far.  C’mon subconscious, do your stuff 😉


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