Expressive Cloth Pt. 2

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Today Textfixer gave me ‘hoopla’ in the mix!  Weird…

Today's words from Textfixer

We are on to the second instalment of this week’s story; here is part one if you need it.

Hoopla   Salt   Humility   Innocent   Crusher   Forlornness   Block   Feather   Cursed

It’s not all hoopla stalls, and it’s more salt of the earth than villains that make up circus life.  I’m not best friends with an elephant, nor do I have a pet monkey. (My dad used to read me Enid Blyton’s books too, you know).

I face stereotyping a lot: people are surprised that I chose this.  I’m not going to embrace a false humility, I’m proud of what I do.   I wasn’t forced into it as some poor innocent, nor was I running away.  I have talents outside of the tent, but the business of putting on a show is my first love. 

Never be the crusher of someone’s idea of a dream life, even if it looks wildly different to yours.  We work hard here, but we follow our passions.  The thrill of a crowd-gasp reverberates deep in my soul, I’m not going to sit around like dad does: wallowing in my forlornness, trying to block out emotions that should be expressed.

The world looks at its best from high up.  I can see the lie of the land, rise above the mundane – soar although I wear but one feather on my head…

It’s a physical poetry.  It should not be sullied by superstitious nay-sayers and claims that its cursed.

Freedom is living with little regret.  Something my father refuses to learn.


A different voice today.  I wasn’t expecting that!  She seems suitably theatrical though, I might grow to like her 😉

See you tomorrow for part three…

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