Expressive Cloth Pt. 1

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Hey there 😉

One of my regular readers, Michelle, gave me this picture as a prompt today, and asked me to use Textfixer as my generator to guide the story I compile this week.  I think this may be another fun assignment!


I first got Textfixer to give me five words that could make up the title:


Words: thin, diametric, complicated, expressive, cloth.

I liked the sound of Expressive Cloth because I thought there could be many connotations when related to a circus environment.  I then researched Circus Roncalli a bit (as it is the name on the side of the trailer in the pic) and Wikipedia said that ‘Roncalli’ is also the legal surname of the popular Pope John XXIII.  Another ‘cloth’ reference…

Today's words

‘Godsent’ then came up as one of my nine-word mix, along with the name Mary.  The universe is having fun again, obviously! 😉


Dial   Fugitive   Sideways   Comrade   Companion   Godsent   Hot   Live   Mary

I tried not to be jealous, dial down the fugitive feelings of inadequacy and age that always accompanied my witnessing of rehearsals.  As I watched her nimble body twist sideways and fly between the apparatus as if suspended on strings, I knew I was failing.  Every muscle was reminiscing.  I longed to climb that ladder again.Circus Roncalli trailer

Comrade!” he boomed from somewhere to my left, “you are thinking of her mother, no?  Every day I see that look on your face: how you are her companion up there in spirit.  Pulls at the strings of my heart!” he thumped me on the back.  “I salute you for letting your daughter carry on the traditions!  Her talent is godsent, my friend.”

I nodded, did not trust myself to speak.  Gavrill knows only too well what it is like to lose a loved one to this business.  I gripped his shoulder in solidarity, and made my way back to the trailer.  Hot tea awaited me; along with a summary of my fortune, if I refused to live better with my grief.  I didn’t need a woman festooned in scarves to tell me this; my memories of Mary were becoming harder and harder to bear.


Lots of backstory in just 201 words, eh?!  Wonder where my protagonist will go from here.  Come back tomorrow and we’ll see what nudges Textfixer gives me…


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