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Hiya 🙂

We were on the beach today!  It was not warm, we were not building castles, or paddling; or bathing in that much sun –  but the air, the air!

I feel like the clouds are moving when I look at this – do you?!

We packed a picnic lunch for the boys to have in the car, and bought rolls at a wee newsagents for us adults.  We ate, piled on a few layers, put up available hoods (it was windy) and then negotiated the steps down to the shingle.

There were boats to look at, and a cat whizzing about, seeming to follow us (which we were not expecting).

Youngest got tired and was carted off to the car by hubby, and Eldest and I went for a longer walk along a cycle path.  I took pictures and selfies, of the scenery and with my son – he returned the favour, too!

I think Eldest easily walked over two miles today, and it was so nice to have him holding my hand, and pondering things with me again.  I have really missed our wanderings, and last week at that time he wasn’t even able to lift his head off the couch for long!

Eldest and I weren’t sure the caged stones would stop a REALLY angry sea

Both boys slept on the way back home, but that was a good thing because they were then well rested enough to have an enjoyable Skype session with their grandparents (and a visiting uncle).

What a lovely day!  It is such a shame that it had to be the very last of their official Easter holidays, though…  At least they did get to have both of us in an environment they love at least once, it would have been terrible to have only had Youngest’s party as the highlight of these holidays, after Eldest missing his birthday.  (We have a tame party planned for him for Sunday).

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I am not sending either boy back into education tomorrow.  I have written a note for the management team of the school, explaining our reasons for keeping them at home for at least the rest of this week.  I am hoping that they understand.  Hubby weighed Eldest this morning, and he has put on 2-3lbs this week, but we would still rather see him gain more before the rollercoaster of school takes hold.

Another week of cuddles, and garden adventures if the weather holds.  It’ll be like having my toddlers back again 😉



Tonight’s poem was written a bit backwards.  I got the last verse straight away from reading all the words, then had to figure out how to get there.  Silly subconscious, eh?!




Module  Thank  Crew  Exploit  Visit  Extract  Alive  Fox  Mouth


It was only

A module I took on a whim –

But thank those stars

That got me there!

Just behind some

Guy with a crew cut

Sat the most gorgeous woman –

She knew how to exploit me with a smile.


I remember that lunch

Turned into drinks;

Which ended in a visit

To my halls’ room…


Later, she read me

Many an extract

From her steamy novel;

The memory stick,


Always slung around her neck

So none could steal

The raunchy thoughts therein.


I still think that

No one alive

Could out-fox

That clever mouth.


Scribbly page 🙂


So how did I get the first bit out of the last bit? 

Well, ‘module’ led to University, which led to lectures.  I had to introduce the ‘she’ from the last lines, so I did.  Other than that…I’m not really sure…but I kinda like it, so I hope you do, too?  😉

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