Everyday Speech (#NaPoWriMo Day 23)

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Day 23’s prompt was for me to write a poem using phrases that are heard where I live, or to at least incorporate sentences that read like speech. 

I wrote two poems.  I like the second the best 😉


It’s 6 and two 3s

These half a dozen things

Buzzing in my brain.


I’ve been some lassie

An awfy quean

And a raj

All in the space of one day.


I’m burst,


Oot the game;

(Ma tea may be oot, too)


I’m skintos, mate,

Hangin’ fer sumthin’*

And fair ragin’ to boot.


*Ailing, or coming down with some illness.



Garbage truck



“The Happy Nans!”*

He hails them,

As he scrambles up to see

The big “bin noddy” vehicle

Reversing in our street.


And sure enough:

They wave again,

Smile at my boy’s delight;

Those burly men are heroes

We salute til out of sight.


*‘Nans’ was Eldest’s word for ‘men’ when he was little



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