Erasure (#NaPoWriMo Day 19)

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The optional prompt saw me write a paragraph and then create a poem from it by missing out some of the words…


Inside those gates, there was a lot of joy.  Even now I can see the old bricks that led up to the roof of the school building and remember the smell of the music room.  The corridor had two steps up, on the right, and then it was our classroom.  I can’t remember what year that was, but I loved helping to paint the giant tree that pointed the way from the wall.  I’d dipped a little sponge in green paint and watched the textured marks appear with great delight; balancing on the top step to reach higher than my friend.  The rest of the corridor was a dusky kind of blue, like a lazy Spring sky.  It always made me feel happy.drawn picture of a school


Inside those gates there was joy. 

Even now the old bricks of the school building

Remember the smell of the music room. 


Two steps

Then it was our classroom. 

The giant tree pointed the way from the wall. 


A little sponge,

Great delight;

Higher than my friend. 


The corridor

A dusky kind of blue;

It made me feel happy.



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